Growing to planting stage

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Tomato plants need as much light as possible, so keep them in a conservatory or on a sunny windowsill (but don’t leave them behind the curtains).

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On warm, sunny days you can put them outside, but don’t forget to bring them inside at night.  Ideal temperatures at this stage are 15°C at night and 20°C minimum during the day.

Your plants may need to stay in their pots for several weeks until the weather is suitable for planting.  Space them so the leaves don’t overlap. They may need liquid feeding, especially if you have used seed compost to pot them up (it is usually lower in nutrients than potting compost).  Use a proprietary high potash tomato feed made up according to the label recommendations.  Typically they will need feeding from about 4th true leaf stage, but if the bottom leaves start to turn yellow or purple, this can be a sign that they are running out of nutrients (purplish tints can also be due to low temperature).

ready to plant landscape.JPG ready to plant portrait.JPG removing sideshoot 1.JPG removing sideshoot 2.JPG seedlings about a week after potting landscape.JPG seedlings about a week after potting portrait.JPG seedlings sown every cell cotyledon stage.JPG seedlings sown every other cell to give them more space.JPG space plants so the leaves don't overlap.JPG starved tomato seedling.JPG well fed tomato seedling.JPG

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Premium tomatoes, such as tomatoes on the vine, are driving growth in the market. Vine tomatoes now account for two-thirds of the UK tomato production area.

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