British Tomato Week 2017

British Tomato Week 2017

Another week to remember!

IT IS British Tomato Week 22 – 28 May 2017

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On the resounding success of British Tomato Week 2016, the British Tomato Growers' Association is pleased to announce the next British Tomato Week will take place between May 22nd and May 28th 2017.

Why Buy British?

In these uncertain times, it's good to know that when you buy something from your supermarket or greengrocer you are getting exactly what you want. When buying British tomatoes you need have no concerns in fact when it comes to tomatoes, no one does it better than British growers.

British tomato crops are grown in glasshouses, protected from the cold but able to soak up the sunshine. Four out of five tomatoes now eaten in the UK are imported so it is no coincidence that people complain that tomatoes don't taste like they used to? But it doesn't have to be that way; British fruit has never tasted better, with a fantastic range now available, from super sweet cherries and baby plums to favourite classics, both on and off the vine.

It's not often that something which tastes good is also good for you. Tomatoes contain lots of health protecting nutrients - vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and natural pigments, not least lycopene, the stuff that makes ripe tomatoes red.

British Tomato week runs from 22 - 28 May so look out for British tomatoes in your local store, and even though British Tomato Week officially comes to an end of 28 May, our promotional events will continue all summer long, as will our delicious British crops.

So, follow our tomato week rules and enjoy the very best!

• Buy - British tomatoes
• Eat - British tomatoes
• Share - Your tomato recipes
• Taste - The best of the best

If you want to read more, see Eric Wall’s article on British Tomato Week 2017.

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Top tip:

Never keep fresh tomatoes in the fridge #fridgesdoflavoursnofavours

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Fact 12

Did You Know?

2.5 million native British Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris ssp. audax) pollinate all the tomato crops in the UK. That’s 24 billion wing beats per minute in British tomato greenhouses.

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