British Tomato Week 2016

A week to remember!

IT IS British Tomato Week 16 – 22 May 2016
Protected from the elements in their greenhouse and nurtured by our growers British Tomatoes are already now bursting onto the shelves.

It’s no surprise that people often complain that ‘tomatoes don’t taste like they used’ to when four out of five are imported. There are some great growers across Europe but their tomatoes have to travel and that simply means they are not as fresh as you don’t know how long they may have spent on the road, and they might have been refrigerated, the death knell for flavour.

Fridges do flavours no favours, British tomatoes are fresh so they don’t need to be refrigerated, meaning you get that real home-grown essence.

Lots of people agree so we are doing everything we can to help you spot British tomatoes so you can make every week a British Tomato week.

From the major retailers to farm shops, people will be applying millions of our special British Tomato Week labels, and using Union Jack boxes and stickers so you know which packs to look out for both now and for the rest of the season.

  • Six mouth-watering new recipes have been created for us by some of the finest chefs around the UK, these can be viewed now in our recipe section.
  • Schools, Clubs and Garden Centres are organising ‘Tomato Days’ where the groups will be tasting and cooking British tomatoes and in many cases dressing up in tomato costumes!
  • British tomatoes will feature in daily recipes in selected restaurants of the House of Commons.

Freshness, great flavour, supporting local British growers, do you still need more reasons to buy British?

British tomatoes aren’t just red; they are also green too!

Thousands of bumblebees are used each year to pollinate plants, insects are used as natural pest control and millions of gallons of water are stored from glasshouse rooves for irrigation, these and other stories illustrate how British Growers are not just passionate about their produce now, but how they can be providing this iconic product for years to come.

So, please don’t just think of tomatoes for this one week, make every week your British tomato week.
Buy them not just because they are British; buy them because you think they are the best!

Our new recipes can be found here:

Imam Bayildi (Turkish Baked Tomato and Aubergine)

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Lovage Pesto and Spiced Gazpacho

Charred Mackerel with Tomato Ceviche

Plum Tomato Tart with Parmesan Biscuit, Avocado and Chorizo

Tomato and Berry Salad with Tomato Water, Watermelon and Chives

Spring Tomato Gazpacho

Fact 12

Did You Know?

2.5 million native British Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris ssp. audax) pollinate all the tomato crops in the UK. That’s 24 billion wing beats per minute in British tomato greenhouses.

Phil Pearson

Meet the grower

Phil Pearson

Phil is the Group Development Director of APS Produce Ltd and Chair of the British Tomato Growe…

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