British Tomato Fortnight 2019

Tomatoes and Twine

You Say Tomato, We Say…. Yes Please!

Last years' British Tomato Fortnight Monday 20th May until 2nd June 2019

It was British Tomato Fortnight from 20th May – 2 June 2019 was a time to celebrate all that is glorious about our wonderful British tomatoes, fresh, tasty and healthy containing vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and natural pigments, making a delicious natural snack which not only tastes great but is also good for you!
British tomato crops are grown in glasshouses, protected from the cold and able to soak up the sunshine and as British growers supply the ‘local market’ that means the tomatoes stay on the plant for longer, develop the best flavour and are as fresh as they can be. British tomato growers use natural means of pest and disease control as well as employing some two million native bumblebees a year to pollinate their tomato crops.

Starting back in 2004 (when it was then British Tomato Week) the BTGA has been involved in a multitude of events from space hopper races outside the Palace of Westminster, as well as serving fresh British tomatoes to the MPs inside the House of Commons; Cordon Bleu cookery schools; sponsored runs dressed as a tomato; in-store tastings and competitions; nursery visits; numerous radio interviews and always producing exciting new recipes which are available on our website.  in 2019 we went a step further and created four stop motion recipe videos illustrating some quick and easy tomato meals (scroll down to see them all). So what will 2020 British Tomato Fortnight bring? Take a look at our associated pages to find out.

So why buy British?

Buying British isn’t just about supporting local growers it also means you are buying the freshest and tastiest tomatoes available and it’s good to know that when you buy something from your supermarket or greengrocer you are getting exactly what you want. We don’t want you to buy them just because they are British but because, like us, you taste for your self they are the best.

Top tip: never put your tomatoes in the fridge #fridgesdoflavoursnofavours



Fact 12

Did You Know?

2.5 million native British Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris ssp. audax) pollinate all the tomato crops in the UK. That’s 24 billion wing beats per minute in British tomato greenhouses.

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