Houmous and Tomato Party Hedgehog

Houmous and Tomato Party Hedgehog



1 red pepper
1 small brown loaf or large bread roll
2 black olives
200g carton of houmous
50g/2oz cheddar cheese
500g/1lb 2oz British Cherry tomatoes


Serves 8-10

  1. Roast the pepper in a hot oven (200°C/400°F/ Gas Mark 6) for 10 minutes until charred and soft. Place in plastic bag and leave for about 20 minutes.

  2. Cut a slice off the top of the bread and carefully hollow out, leaving a 2cm / ¾ inch border (bread removed can be cut into cubes and used for dipping).

  3. To make the face, thread one whole olive onto a cocktail stick and push into bread half way down, for the nose. Then cut rings from the other olive to make the eyes and affix to the bread with dollops of houmous.

  4. Remove skin and core of pepper and chop finely. Mix chopped pepper and houmous together and spoon into bread.

  5. Cut cheese into 1cm / ½ inch cubes and thread onto wooden cocktail sticks with the cherry tomatoes. Push into bread to act as spikes.

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