Cold Pasta With Chargrilled Tomato Sauce

Cold Pasta With Chargrilled Tomato Sauce



900g (2 lb) British Classic tomatoes, halved
2 red peppers, halved and de-seeded
10ml (2 teasp) olive oil/one cal oil spray
Bunch of fresh basil, chopped
175g (6oz) farfalle tonde


Serves 4

230 kcals, 3g fat, (0.5g saturates) per serving

  1. Pre heat grill. Put the halved tomatoes, cut side upwards, on a grill and grill until charred. Remove from grill and cool.

  2. Put peppers on a grill, skin side upwards, and brush with oil. Grill until charred, turn over peppers and grill the other side until charred and the peppers are soft.

  3. Cool peppers in a polythene bag. Scrape the cooled tomatoes from their skins and put into a bowl.

  4. Skin the cooled peppers and cut into small pieces. Mix with the tomatoes. Stir in the chopped basil and season to taste.

  5. Cook pasta according to pack instructions making sure it is 'al dente'.

  6. Strain pasta and plunge into cold water to cool. When cool, drain thoroughly.

  7. Mix pasta with tomato sauce and serve with a rocket or baby spinach salad.

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