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Phil Pearson

Phil Pearson


Phil is the Group Development Director of APS Produce Ltd and Chair of the British Tomato Growers’ Technical Committee. In both these roles, Phil has been at the forefront of many engineering projects including Combined Heat and Power energy centres, ground source cooling and motorized harvesting systems.

Right from the start, APS Produce has had a mission, to grow and source delicious tomatoes grown in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible.

These values have remained core to their business for over 65 years; this means growing for flavour and quality in harmony with our beautiful British countryside. Back in 1998 APS Salads were the pioneers of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) within the horticultural industry in the UK, this enabled them to use the waste heat and carbon dioxide from power generation, to enrich the glasshouses and feed the tomato plants.

This has been so successful that APS Salads now provide enough environmentally friendly electricity to supply over 150,000 homes., whilst producing increased yields of even better tasting tomatoes.

Most recently, Philip has been responsible for a new type of anaerobic digestion (AD) system, which converts organic waste from tomato production into energy, CO2 and other products, including bio-degradable packaging. Philip represents British tomato growers on a wide range of committees in the UK and at a European level, but he will always be a grower at heart.

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Did You Know?

In the UK, we eat 6oz (160g) of fresh tomatoes per person per week. This is the equivalent of two classic British tomatoes per week, or more than 100 per year - very low compared with other European countries, especially those in the Mediterranean region.


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